Monster High Games: iCoffin Game Review and Codes

iCoffin Review: Monster High Games like the iCoffin are a Ghoulishly Good Time!

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iCoffin game from Monster High

iCoffin is the handheld Monster High game for kids that is both fun and creepy all wrapped into one game.

Okay, before we get into the iCoffin game review and a link to the iCoffin game codes, let’s start with a primer here. Monster High is the name of a wildly popular kid’s show as well as a line of dolls, Monster High dress up clothes and a new Monster High movie and the whole phenomenon is geared towards girls ages 6 through 15. The gang of ghouls from Monster High are the offspring of famous movie monsters and have big heads, big pouty lips, super cool clothes and, oh yeah….they’re all the living undead.

There are also a lot of Monster High games, like the awesome iCoffin, which is a hand held electronics device that is black and pink and stamped with a kick ass skull. The iCoffin has a slide out keyboard that is easy to use for the little ones. The iCoffin helps kids keep up on all the latest Monster High gossip and they can send and receive texts from their favorite Monster High characters and even play games like Locker Slam, Fortune Skull and the ever popular Hangman.

And the reviews are in: this game is a huge hit. Every kid I talk to about the iCoffin loves this game. Just be careful…it’s really fun and really addictive.

Where to Buy Monster High Games like the iCoffin

I’m a parent on a budget and I always shop around for the best deals and the best prices I’ve seen online for the iCoffin are at Amazon.

Buy the iCoffin at

I’d also highly recommend purchasing these rechargeable batteries too because they last forever and are a bargain:

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Monster High iCoffin Game Codes

Finally, if you want to crack some of the games in iCoffin, check out this great list of iCoffin codes here

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